Intense New York rainfall floods streets and subway, prompting shocked internet reactions.

Overnight, the northeastern United States experienced intense rainfall, causing flooding in certain areas of New York on Friday. This flooding disrupted the subway system and operations at the city’s airports. LaGuardia Airport had to close one of its terminals due to the floodwaters, with images on social media showing passengers navigating through water levels exceeding their shoe tops.

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In response to the situation, Mayor Eric Adams advised residents to stay indoors as streets became impassable and subway stations were inundated. Numerous videos emerged on the internet, depicting partially submerged cars, traffic congestion, and major roadways completely blocked. Mayor Adams urged people to remain where they were, saying, “If you are home, stay home. If you are at work or school, shelter in place for now, some of our subways are flooded, and it’s extremely difficult to move around the city.”

Reports on social media, including from a user named Steve Hanke, highlighted that New York City had declared a state of emergency due to the heavy rains and resulting flash flooding. Parts of the NYC subway system were entirely submerged.

Store owners in flooded shops worked to protect their merchandise and remove water onto the streets. At the Central Park Zoo, enclosures were flooded, allowing animals to swim throughout their spaces.

Weather authorities indicated that the total rainfall accumulation on Friday could reach as high as seven inches (18 centimeters). Within the expansive subway system, which boasts 420 stations and over 30 lines, water cascaded down staircases and infiltrated certain station ceilings.

There were reports of concern from the public, such as a user named Aldrich who exclaimed, “People of New York!!! You are on your own!” The New York State Thruway Authority announced that they were assisting neighboring communities and partner agencies affected by flooding, with ramp closures along the New England Thruway (I-95) and I-287 corridors in Westchester County.

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