PM Modi accuses BRS of transforming ‘loktantra’ into ‘loottantra’ in Telangana.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi criticized K Chandrashekhar Rao (KCR), the chief of Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS), accusing him of avoiding contact after opposing KCR’s proposal to make his son, K T Rama Rao, the chief minister of Telangana, as reported by Deccan Chronicle (DC). During a BJP rally in Nizamabad, Telangana, Prime Minister Modi also directed his criticism towards the BRS government, raising concerns about corruption and alleging that KCR and his family were exploiting Telangana’s resources.

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Furthermore, Prime Minister Modi asserted that the BRS had amassed funds from Telangana and used them to support the Congress party in Karnataka’s elections. He called on the citizens to give his party a chance to govern for just five years, promising to reveal any misconduct by the BRS and bring corrupt leaders to justice, according to the DC report.

In an anecdote from a previous meeting with KCR, Prime Minister Modi recounted, “Chandrashekhar Rao sought my blessings to make K T Rama Rao the Chief Minister, but I reminded him that he was not a maharaja to announce his heir. I told him categorically that in a democracy, it’s the people of Telangana who would elect their leader. This shook him so profoundly that he stopped meeting me and is even avoiding my presence.”

The prime minister accused KCR of transforming “loktantra” (democracy) into “loot-tantra” (plunder) and “prajatantra” (public governance) into “parivar-tantra” (dynasty rule). He argued that despite the sacrifices made by numerous young men, women, and their families for Telangana, only one family was benefiting.

Continuing his critique of KCR and his family, Prime Minister Modi emphasized the dangers of dynastic rule, asserting that it used state resources for the family’s gain. He cautioned that under KCR’s leadership, the youth would struggle to find opportunities in the state.

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