IIT-Hyderabad considering ‘pure veg’ section and mess after Bombay: Report.

While IIT-Bombay faced accusations of caste discrimination regarding a portion of the dining hall being reserved for vegetarians, a similar concern arose at IIT Hyderabad. Students following meat-based diets were worried about potentially being forced to consume vegetarian meals in the upcoming semester if they couldn’t secure registration for non-vegetarian food at the canteens.

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According to a report by The News Minute, IIT-Hyderabad received an email containing a survey for hostel residents, aiming to assess their interest in registering for a dining hall exclusively serving vegetarian food. The survey was initiated at the request of the IIT-H Director and some students. It closed the following day, and by July 27, another email was sent to students who had chosen the ‘pure vegetarian’ option, giving them a one-day window to complete their registration for it.

In early August, students noticed the establishment of a designated vegetarian area within the new mess dining hall, as reported by The News Minute. The IIT-H campus has two canteens, one old and one new. The segregation is in the new canteen, where even faculty and staff members dine. The faculty members, some of whom belong to upper-caste groups, may have influenced the introduction of the vegetarian section, as mentioned by an unnamed faculty member from IIT-H who spoke to The News Minute. This faculty member noted that a significant portion of the institute’s faculty belongs to upper-caste groups.

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