Israel imposes a “complete siege” on Gaza, leading to shortages of electricity, food, and water.

In Jerusalem, Israeli Defence Minister Yoav Gallant issued a directive on Monday, initiating a comprehensive siege on the Gaza Strip. Concurrently, the Israeli military conducted a series of airstrikes within the Palestinian territory. In a video message, Gallant explained the severity of the measures, stating, “We are implementing a total siege on Gaza, encompassing the cessation of electricity, food, water, and gas supplies.” This action pertained to Gaza, a densely populated region accommodating 2.3 million inhabitants.

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The escalation of violence had grim consequences, with at least 700 fatalities occurring in southern Israel. The turmoil unfolded when Hamas militants breached the border on Saturday, instigating shootings in the communities and towns bordering Gaza. Israeli security forces subsequently engaged in combat to counter this threat.

Moreover, an estimated 250 individuals tragically lost their lives during an attack by Hamas gunmen at a music festival near Kibbutz Reim, situated in proximity to Gaza. An organization participating in the recovery efforts reported this distressing figure.

Defending the Israeli response, Yoav Gallant used strong language, remarking, “We are confronting ruthless adversaries and are responding accordingly,” expressing this sentiment in Hebrew.

Meanwhile, in the Gaza Strip, the Israeli military conducted airstrikes in retaliation to the Hamas assault, resulting in the deaths of at least 493 individuals. The situation remained highly volatile and marked by tragic loss of life.

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