Israel army discovered 1,500 Hamas operatives’ bodies around Gaza Strip.

On Tuesday, the Israeli army reported the discovery of around 1,500 bodies belonging to Hamas operatives in the vicinity of the Gaza Strip, amid ongoing Israeli air strikes against the Palestinian enclave. Military spokesperson Richard Hecht informed reporters that “approximately 1,500 bodies of Hamas militants were found in Israel around the Gaza Strip.” He noted that security forces had largely regained control over the border with Gaza, though he expressed concern about potential infiltrations.

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Hecht further stated that the evacuation of communities along the border was nearly complete. Israel had recently experienced a deadly attack by Hamas operatives who breached the border fence, launching a barrage of rocket attacks on Saturday morning that resulted in the deaths of over 900 people within Israel.

In response to these attacks, Israel initiated a substantial air and artillery assault on Hamas targets within the Gaza Strip, leading to the reported death toll of at least 687 individuals in the coastal enclave.

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