Russia expresses relief at the Israel-Hamas ceasefire deal, deeming it “good news.”

The Kremlin welcomed the Israel-Hamas ceasefire as a significant development, emphasizing the importance of humanitarian pauses in building efforts for a sustainable settlement. Russia’s spokesperson, Dmitry Peskov, highlighted the global call for such ceasefires and pauses, stating that they lay the groundwork for future attempts at lasting resolutions.

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French President Emmanuel Macron also expressed support for the agreement, emphasizing ongoing efforts to secure the release of hostages.

Regarding the hostage deal, Israel and Hamas reached an agreement allowing the release of at least 50 hostages and numerous Palestinian prisoners. The four-day truce in Gaza, a result of weeks of negotiations facilitated by Qatar, aims to provide relief to the besieged population, enabling the delivery of essential supplies.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet approved the truce, acknowledging the difficulty of the decision but deeming it the right one. Qatar announced it would initiate the humanitarian pause, involving the release of civilian hostages in Gaza and Palestinian women and children from Israeli prisons, with the truce’s starting time to be announced within the next 24 hours.

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