On Day 49 of Israel-Hamas war, a four-day truce begins today with the release of 13 hostages in the first batch, accompanied by 10 updates.

In the ongoing Israel-Hamas war, a tentative four-day truce is set to commence on Friday, marking the conflict’s 49th day in the Gaza Strip. The ceasefire aims to release civilian hostages and Palestinian prisoners, starting with 13 individuals in the initial batch later this afternoon.

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The conflict originated on October 7 when Hamas attacked Israel’s soil, resulting in the death of thousands. About 2,500 terrorists breached Israel’s border from Gaza, leading to the seizure of 240 hostages. The subsequent IDF response aimed to eliminate Hamas from the region.

As of Day 49, here are 10 updates:

1.Egypt pledges daily delivery of 130,000 liters of diesel and four trucks of gas to Gaza during the truce.

2.The four-day truce between Israel and Hamas begins at 10:30 am (IST) on Friday.

3.The truce involves the staged release of 50 hostages in exchange for 150 Palestinian prisoners.

4.The release prioritizes women and children, with the possibility of extending the truce for additional hostages.

5.President Joe Biden expresses hope for the release of a 3-year-old American girl among the hostages.

6.Intense fighting continues before the ceasefire, including Israeli jets hitting over 300 targets and heavy engagement around Jabalia refugee camp.

7.IDF eliminates Hamas’ Khan Yunis naval force commander, Amar Abu Jallah, in an airstrike.

8.IDF detains the chief of Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza, citing evidence of the hospital serving as a Hamas command and control center.

9.Palestinian Red Crescent and the UN collaborate to evacuate 190 wounded and sick individuals from Al-Shifa to other hospitals in southern Gaza.

10.The Hamas-run government reports nearly 15,000 casualties since the start of the Israeli military campaign, mostly women and children.

In other related events:

An Israeli strike on a UN school in Gaza results in at least 27 deaths and 93 injuries.

German police raid homes of Hamas and another Palestinian organization’s members and supporters, both banned in the country, with 13 locations searched in Berlin.

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