On the 50th day of the Israel-Hamas war, hostages were traded during a Gaza ceasefire. Israel emphasizes that ‘nothing is over until…’ with updates.

In the latest developments of the Israel-Hamas war, a 4-day ceasefire was approved. Hamas released 24 hostages, and Israel freed 39 Palestinians in the initial stage of the swap. Thirteen Israeli women and children, including elderly individuals and a 2-year-old, were among those released from Gaza. The truce allows for a potential extension based on the number of hostages freed. Israel plans to resume its offensive once the ceasefire concludes.

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The ceasefire agreement involves Hamas releasing at least 50 hostages, and Israel releasing 150 Palestinian prisoners over the four days, starting with women and children. Ambulances carried the freed hostages from Gaza to Egypt. Israel also received a list of hostages set to be released by Hamas on the following day.

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Club reported that Israel currently holds 7,200 Palestinians, with about 2,000 arrested since the war’s onset. Relief supplies, fuel, and cooking gas entered Gaza from Egypt on Day 1 of the ceasefire.

The US development agency urges increased humanitarian assistance to Gaza. Iranian-backed militias refrained from attacks during the truce. Israeli troops shot Palestinians heading toward the combat zone, despite warnings. US President Joe Biden sees a chance to extend the truce and emphasizes the need for a two-state solution. The Israeli military claims progress against Hamas but plans to continue active fighting after the ceasefire. The Israeli government summoned the ambassadors of Spain and Belgium over remarks criticizing the bombing of civilians in Gaza.

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