Rahul Gandhi vows to puncture Modi’s tires in Delhi after Telangana.

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Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, addressing public rallies in Bodhan, Adilabad, and Vemulawada, claimed that the people of Telangana punctured all four tyres of a car symbolizing the declining popularity of the Bharat Rashtra Samiti (BRS) party, suggesting a similar fate for the Modi government.

During his speeches, he criticized the BRS government, accusing Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao of widespread corruption and alleging that he concentrated money-making ministries within his family. Rahul Gandhi highlighted the Congress party’s role in creating the state and constructing the educational institutions where KCR studied.

Accusing KCR and his family of massive corruption, Rahul Gandhi claimed that ₹1 lakh crore was misappropriated in the Kaleshwaram project, asserting that cracks were appearing in the dam pillars. He further alleged that KCR took away land from around 20 lakh people, initially granted by the Congress, under the pretext of computerization and the ‘Dharani’ portal.

Rahul Gandhi asserted a perceived understanding between KCR and Modi, noting the absence of legal actions against KCR despite 24 cases filed against himself. He emphasized the danger of their alliance, stating that people had realized this threat.

The Congress leader announced various guarantees for Telangana’s residents, promising immediate fulfillment in the first cabinet meeting if the Congress comes to power. These assurances include ₹2,500 monthly cash for women, a ₹500 gas cylinder, and free bus travel. Rahul Gandhi explained that this would enable women to earn and save approximately ₹5,000 monthly.

Other pledges included increased Rythu Bharosa, a ₹4,000 pension for the elderly, widows, and the handicapped, a ₹5 lakh housing subsidy for the homeless, and a Vidya Bharosa card providing students with up to ₹5 lakh for educational expenses.

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