Addressing the Dubai climate change summit, PM Modi suggests India as the venue for COP33.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi advocated for India to host the Conference of the Parties (COP) summit in 2028 during an address in Dubai at the commencement of the latest climate change conference. He highlighted India’s early achievement of emission intensity targets and its commitment to meeting Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) targets. PM Modi emphasized India’s exemplary balance between ecology and economy, pointing out that despite having 17% of the world’s population, its contribution to global carbon emissions is less than 4%.

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Addressing the COP28 high-level segment, PM Modi outlined India’s ambitious goals, including reducing emissions intensity by 45% by 2030 and increasing the share of non-fossil fuel to 50%. India is actively working towards achieving a net-zero status by 2070. The Prime Minister provided insights into India’s commitment to environmental sustainability on the global stage.

The COP summit, an annual UN-hosted event, gathers delegates from nearly 200 countries, including world leaders and industry leaders. COP28, hosted in Dubai, became the largest-ever UN climate summit with 80,000 registered participants. This year’s registration process also focused on identifying lobbyists and potential conflicts of interest among negotiators.

Approximately 23,500 individuals from official government teams are attending COP28, accompanied by 27,208 policy experts, academics, representatives of professional organizations, and senior company executives from oil giants. Additionally, around 400,000 people have registered for day passes to the “green zone” around the talks at the Dubai Expo 2020 site, showcasing businesses and environmental innovation. The summit aims to facilitate negotiations on fighting climate change and address global environmental challenges.

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