Ceasefire concludes, triggering Israeli strikes on Day 57 of Israel-Hamas war, resulting in over 175 deaths in Gaza; Top updates.

After the conclusion of a week-long ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) initiated attacks on houses and buildings, resulting in the death of at least 178 people across the Gaza Strip in the early hours of Saturday. Concurrently, militants in Gaza resumed firing rockets into Israel, leading to clashes between Israel and Hezbollah militants. Israel reported striking more than 200 Hamas targets.

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Updates on the Israel-Hamas war include Israeli airstrikes hitting several points on the outskirts of Damascus on Saturday, originating from the Israeli-occupied Syrian Golan Heights. Israel has previously targeted locations in Syria since the start of the conflict on October 7.

Qatar is actively working to renew the truce deal, which had prompted Israel to pause most military activities in Gaza and release 300 Palestinian prisoners in exchange for the liberation of over 100 hostages held in Gaza. Israel claims that 115 adult men, 20 women, and two children are still held captive. Before the truce, the Health Ministry in Hamas-ruled Gaza reported that more than 13,300 Palestinians had been killed, with approximately two-thirds being women and minors.

A senior Hamas official expressed openness to exchanging more Israeli hostages for Palestinians imprisoned by Israel but rejected the demand to release female Israeli soldiers. The US anticipates that Israel will resume allowing humanitarian assistance into Gaza after blocking aid when the temporary ceasefire expired on Friday.

Three members from the Israeli hometown of Kibbutz Nir Oz died in Hamas captivity, including the oldest person held hostage. Israel recovered the body of Ofir Tzarfati, initially believed to be taken hostage in Gaza.On the diplomatic front, the US stated that Israel is implementing civilian protection plans to reduce Palestinian casualties in its conflict with Hamas. Following Israel recalling its ambassador to Spain, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro S√°nchez insisted on Israel respecting international law.

Lebanon’s Hezbollah group claimed its fighters attacked Israeli soldiers along the Lebanon border, marking the first such attack since the truce between Israel and Hamas. In the US, a protester in critical condition set themselves on fire outside the Israeli consulate in Atlanta, Georgia, during a Friday protest. The police found a Palestinian flag at the scene, but no terrorism connection was identified, and consular staff remained unharmed.

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