Controversy arises in RTC over the free bus scheme for women.

The free bus scheme for women has sparked controversy in Telangana, with the Congress raising concerns over its implementation. The program was officially announced to commence from December 9, and tension has risen within the Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC).

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The allocation of funds for the scheme is a major challenge for the government, and the situation varies among officials. There is an obligation to implement the program separately in certain regions. Providing effective implementation is a significant challenge for the government, as ensuring free bus travel for women is a commendable initiative. Currently, similar schemes are in operation in Punjab, Delhi, and Karnataka. Despite the challenges faced in these states, women are enjoying free bus travel.

In the context of seat allocation on buses, cooperation from drivers and conductors is essential, although there are concerns about the limited availability of seats. Generally, buses have fewer seats allocated for women, and the majority of seats are occupied by men. The senior citizen category has also been considered, with two seats reserved for women and another for the conductor.

In practice, women often face difficulties securing seats, and instances of men occupying reserved seats for women have been reported. The situation has improved, but challenges persist. The TSRTC’s approach to address these issues remains to be seen.

In Karnataka, the situation is challenging, especially in city and district buses where seats for women, students, and girls are often insufficient. This leads them to prefer sitting beside male relatives. The TSRTC needs to address these issues as it introduces separate buses for women, demonstrating awareness and responsiveness to the concerns of women travelers. The implementation of the free journey scheme has the potential to address such challenges, and the TSRTC should consider the experiences and learnings from other states as it navigates this initiative.

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