Governor announces freedom for the people from decades-long prohibition.

Governor expresses the need for a new government to achieve success in public service, addressing both houses during the assembly. The governor conveyed appreciation for the newly formed government in the state and emphasized the necessity of focusing on rectifying economic issues. Additionally, the governor highlighted the release of the White Paper on departmental functioning to reassess the values in the administrative system.

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Key Points in the Address: The governor outlined crucial aspects in the address to the Tamil Nadu assembly. He underscored the significant points made during the recent discourse, stating that many institutions have deteriorated over the past two decades. The governor credited the government for liberating the people of Telangana from decades-long prohibition, as mentioned in the poem by the poet Kaloji Narayana Rao.

Regardless of the party’s affiliation, the governor noted that the government looks at its administration with an impartial perspective. He affirmed that every section, including farmers, women, youth, and various professions, is considered in the welfare and development activities. The governor provided clarity on the government’s limitation in propagating rural development due to the constrained budget for public relations.

He highlighted that every village receives government funds, and specific emphasis was placed on providing 250 square yards of residential land and honoring dignity for martyr families. The governor stated that 24-hour electricity is supplied for agriculture, and financial support is extended for every crop.

Additionally, swift action is ensured for the Rs. 2 lakh loan waiver. The governor communicated that a comprehensive plan for assigned, podu lands is in progress. He reassured the public that the government has allocated funds for every promise made to the people. The governor concluded by emphasizing the government’s commitment to public welfare and its accountability to the people.

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